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Presidential Status: Skiing Mt. Washington's President Chutes

The Line: President Chutes, 1,300', ???°   The Mountain: Mt. Washington, 7,794', Oregon Cascades Total terrain: 7.2 mi, 2770' March 23, 2024 I'm poppin' tags, he poppin' tags, he swaggy and I'm flashy I drive the Rover Moonbike like Denali, no exaggeration Diamonds dancin' on my face and on my bezel face Presidential status     -Future, Oooooh feat. Young Scooter Looking at a map, the east aspect of Mt. Washington looks like a cliffed-out horror show, but a drive up Santiam pass on a clear day reveals this isn't the case at all. Several white lines streak down the northeast side from the upper ridge. Flipping through Axell's copy of Oregon Ski Atlas, I learned that they are called the President Chutes.  Yellow arrow points to our line. Photo from Oregon Ski Atlas from Alpenglow Publishing. Please don't sue me.  The sky was completely cloudy, but the air was still just above freezing as we unloaded the Moonbike at Ray Benson Sno-Park. The p

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