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All Diller No Filler: Skiing Middle Sister's Diller Glacier Headwall

  The Line: Diller Glacier Headwall , 1,000', 40-45° The Mountain: Middle Sister , "Hope", 10,046', Oregon Cascades April 20, 2024 The Diller Headwall catches the afternoon sun. We skied the illuminated chute that slants looker's left from the summit.  Despite the title of this post, there is going to be some filler, because what's the point of writing a blog post if I can't run my mouth however I choose?  North and Middle as seen from near my job in Tumalo. The arrow points to the Diller Glacier Headwall.  There are few things better than skiing a big line that you can see from town, even better if its an obvious slash through a band of rock. So when Zach and Axell (from here on out to be referred to by their celebrity couple name, Zaxell) asked if I had any interest in skiing the Diller Headwall, I said yes, even though I knew I already had plans to ski Middle Sister the day after with my dad. 2Chainz was right: Sleep When U Die.  My alarm went off at 2:

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